First construct a paper prototype of a JumpSlide game level. Then build your game level in Javascript.

Paper Prototypes

Instructions for Level Design

Download the instructions for making paper prototypes.

Level Design Notes

Paper Templates

Download, print, and cut out the template files for prototyping.

Prototype Templates

Starter Files

Download to starter project files:

Starter Files


Follow along with the Slideshow to build your game.

JumpSlide Slideshow

JumpSlide Docs

View the README to see all programming functionality.

View Docs


Download the original editable graphics files:

Jumpslide Graphics

Student Games

During our 2015 Game Programming class at La Pietra, we had each of the students in the class design a level. Then we game tested and lined up all the levels to create a long 13-level game. Individually, each level is winnable, though I haven't been able to beat the entire game yet!

Two of the girls in our class were responsible for finding new sound effects for the game, and one of the girls in our class made dessert-themed graphics. I'll post each of the individual games i the future, though here is the full-length game created by the class:

La Pietra 2015